1. A Transfer certificate from the school last attended. It should be duly contersigned by proper Education Authorities in case of pupils coming from other states.
2. Birth certificate is compulsory for Montessori classes and STD-I.
3. Mark sheet & Conduct certficate.
4. Two passport size colour photographs of the Child & one photograph of father and Mother.
5. Money Recipt towards the application fee should be attached to the application form.


The Date of Birth & Name once recorded in the Admission Register is final. The parents/guardians will have to undertaking that the date of birth entered by him/her in the application form is correct and that he/she will not apply for any changes in it at time in future. Both father & mother are to be present at the time of admission as they have to sign the Admission Register. The application for admission without required documents will not be entertained.


The school Academic year starts from 1st April & ends on 31st March of the following year.


Minimum age of students for admission to following as on 1st April of the current admission year as mentioned below.

STD = Age as on 1st April.
Play Group = 2+
Mont-1 = 2 1/2+
Mont-2 = 3+
Mont-3 = 4+
STD-1 = 5+
STD-VIII = 12+.......etc.


75% of attendnce on working days at the school in a year is compulsory. The promotion to next higher class depends on the students performance as well as attendance Up to 20% may be condoned by the principal on medical ground subject to submission of medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.


The child will be considered for promotion to the next higher class after through assessment. The assessment committee consists of senior teachers & Principal, who assess on the basis of the following criteria.


1. Before withdrawing a student from the schools, one calender month notice in written is to be given by the parents/ Guardians. One month fee is to be paid if no prior notice of withdrawl is given.
2. T.C. or any other document will be issued if all the dues have been paid.
3. If a child has been withdrawn once, the entrance fee must be paid again on readmission.


Course of study (as per CBSE Pattern) will be prescribed by the group of schools and will be intimated to the students after commencement of the new session. All the test books and note books will be provided by the school on payment of usual cost.

The subjects taught in the school are according to the CEE pattern of education from STD.I onwards.


Professionally qualified faculties are put in charge of the classes. It is compulsory fot all the students to take part in activities like Song / Dance / Art / Music / Yoga / Karate / Chess and any other sports items.



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