1. Parents are not allowed to visit the classes or talk directly during the school hours. All business will be transacted in the    principal's/Directior's office.
2. If the child isn't making expected progress, the parents may discuss with the Principal/Director on prior appointment.
3. Parents are to ensure that their children come to school in proper Uniform,cleaned & ironed with shoes properly brushed.
4. Parents are to ensure that their children should bring their tiffin boxes & water bottels, diaries, copies & books as per time-table &     identity cards to the school everday.
5. Parents are to ensure that their children exhibit good manager whereever they are. They are to spread the fragrance of their good    conduct to bring credit to them & to the school.
6. Parents are further requested to see that their children should equally work at home.
7. Parents are free to discuss with the Principal/Director during the school hour relating to the academic & other problems of their    children with proper appontment.
8. Parents are further requested to receive their children only at the gate immediately after the school is over.
9. Parents are to bear in mind that in case of exigency of developing a programme in the larger interest of the students as well as the    institution,the students may be required to stay at leat for one hour (or) so after the school hour at any time without prior notice.
10. Parents are requested to check the diary of the children everyday & give their comments to the concerned teacher in writting so    required with their signature.
11. Stick or untidy children will not be allowed to attend the classes.
12. Parents are not allowed to take their children home during the school hours without the permission of the principal in case of urgency.



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