The school fees cover 12 calender months and no reduction is made for holidays. The Tuition fees must be paid by 10th of each month without late fine. If 10th is a holiday 9th is the last date. A fine of Rs.10/- will be charged from the defaulters after 10th and till the end of the month. A fine of Rs.20/- will be charged along with the school fees, if it is paid within the next month, thereafter the name will be struck off and he/she may be re-admitted by paying Rs.600/- together with the dues. The monthly fees of April, May & June must be deposited, on or before 10th April and the monthly fee of January, February & March must be paid on/before 10th January. Such defaulter may be readmitted if they pay readmission charges.

Students should clear all the dues before 1st & 2nd Summative Assessment, failing which they will not be allowed to appear the examination. An amount shall be fixed by the principal towards the expenditure of the Annual function and it is to be shared Proportionately by all the students.

Tuition fees and other fees may be increased by the management when required.



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